Cincinnati Black Theatre Company

Impact on the Arts Survey

Does CBTC provide high-quality entertainment/activities?    Yes  No
Has CBTC made you more interested in / aware of the arts?    Yes No
Do you &/or your family enjoy/participate in the arts more now?   Yes No
Has CBTC helped you become more knowledgeable of African American contributions to the arts?   Yes No

What neighborhood in Cincinnati do you live in?       
Have you traveled to other neighborhoods for CBTC activities?   Yes No
          If YES, have you spent money at places in those neighborhoods?   Yes No
Have you spent money in your neighborhood because of CBTC?   Yes No
Do you think CBTC activities enhance neighborhoods?   Yes No
Does CBTC contribute to greater diversity in the arts in Cincinnati?   Yes No
We encourage parents/children to answer following questions together      
Has your child attended or participated in CBTC shows/activities?   Yes No
          If YES, do you feel his/her interest or participation in the arts have contributed to improved grades and attendance at school?   Yes No
Do you think that the arts should be a part of the school curriculum?   Yes No

Help build CBTC’s future by answering these questions    

 What plays and musicals would you like CBTC to perform?

What workshops or classes (adults &/or children) would you like CBTC to give? 

What have you liked best about CBTC?



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