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On-stage isn't the only place that Cincinnati Black Theatre Company needs help. Plenty of behind-the-scenes details go into producing a play, and whether your talents lie in painting and sewing, lifting and building, or anything in between, we want your help! Below are some of our volunteer opportunities, but if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact the CBTC Offices at 513-241-6060. We'll help you find a spot that works for you.
Backstage Crew
Musical or comedy, there is always something to do backstage during a production. Crew members need to begin attending rehearsals around 1-2 weeks before the production to get a feel of set, wardrobe, and scene changes. The crew is responsible for making sure that everything happening on stage goes smoothly, so if you are good at following directions, have an eye for details, or just like lifting, pushing, and placing, backstage is where you want to be.
Set Building/Painting
Our sets are a big part of what makes our productions as good as - and even better than - many professional theaters. These volunteers typically meet up each Saturday to work on completing the set and preparing it for our move to the performance venue. Our set-building warehouse is located 2237 Losantiville Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237 in Golf Manor. So, if you’re handy with a cordless drill or a paintbrush, then email us at cbtctickets@gmail.com. We will then let you know the dates and times we will be working.
Costumes are essential to making the time and place of each production believable to the audience. We often need help finding/altering/ordering costumes, taking measurements and returning any borrowed or rented items. If fashion is your passion, you will have a great time with costumes.
Props are a unique technical element that require our props volunteers to be very creative. Sometimes we make props from scratch, other times we have to find them, and then there are times when we have to turn one thing into something else entirely to make it work for the stage. In addition to helping the director make sure that we have all the props required for the play, these volunteers will also help with taking note of any borrowed items and making sure that they get returned in excellent condition. So, if you are organized, detailed, and crafty, you’ll probably love props.
Hair and Make-up
Not every show has outrageous hair and make-up needs, but it comes up more often than you’d think. We start adding hair and make-up to our dress rehearsals the weekend before our productions run. These volunteers show up early to help the cast get ready, and they make sure to do any needed touch-ups at intermission. 
Box Office/Usher
To have a play, you need an audience. To have a great play, you need a happy audience. Our ushers and box office staff make sure that our patrons are having the time of their lives as soon as they walk in the door. This team of volunteers are our guests’ first point of contact with the organization, so we need smiling faces, welcoming demeanors, and people who love to be around people!
Cast Party
If you’re a socialite who loves mixing, mingling, and fun-filled events, then consider helping with our Cast Parties. Each Cast Party takes place a week or 2 after a performance, and since these events include food and drinks, you have plenty of tasks to choose from between planning, cooking/baking/grilling, setting up, serving, cleaning, or pouring!
Play Reading Committee
The play selection committee reads scripts, makes recommendations, and looks for technical problem areas. If you love to read and have a good feel for stage productions, then lend us your eyes!