Cincinnati Black Theatre Company

The mission of Cincinnati Black Theatre Company (CBTC) is to keep alive the spirit of Black Theatre by offering top-notch theatrical productions, performance and employment opportunities, children’s theatre, educational programs and community outreach in all aspects of theatre arts. CBTC is committed to increasing literacy, promoting diversity and multiculturalism, pursuing collaborations, and providing access to the arts!

What's New:

Welcome to our  2023 - 2024 season. We have a full schedule of performances and auditions for our new season.

CBTC Lineup for the 2023-2024 Season

  • 2024 Miss Black Cincinnati & Miss Black Teen Cincinnati Pageant

    April 6, 2024



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Cincinnati Black Theatre Company is growing its "wings"!

After 8 years in our former location, CBTC is finally moving to a space we can call our own..but this old building needs some major work. Your donations will go directly to the renovations of our future home - walls, HVAC, dance studio and more. Donations of any amount [$10 - $100 - $1,000 - $10,000 or anywhere in between] are greatly appreciated! Donors will receive print recognition during this upcoming season.

Since our founding, we have worked with partners and rented space to support our performances, rehearsals and teaching mission. As we look to the future growth and needs of our organization, we need a permanent home: a rehearsal space, a teaching space and a formal studio for our programs.